New Open Source product: PortableApps preinstalled on a USB memorystick with all necessary Open Source applications ready to use on any Winwos PC.  This product is possible to purcase online for 19,90 €. 

Subprojects in progress

1) An investigation done by Open Source Partners on possibilities and costs with the combination of Open Access and Open Source as a middleware for Open IPTV described at this address: http://www.openchoice.tv/ 

2) Exporting the www.unmannedshop.fi project idea to Sweden.

3) Spreading and translating "Föräldramötet" in Finland. The program has been developed in Sundsvall, Sweden.

4) Giving the municipality of Korsholm a Websurvey based tool for online feedback from parents. Creamarketing will present this solution at our seminars in October and November.

5) We will make three different virtual server platforms targeting three different customer groups: 1. The educational sector, 2. The public sector and 3. Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SME).