Web Meetings Tools

Web Meetings Tools

The Open Kvarken project has changed from DimDim to Openmeetings in order to get some real Open Source commitment. The web meeting tools are under development and a reference implementation of a Web Applet is installed at JNT and made available to test and use trough www.kvarken.com The tunneling capabilities of this installation will be licensed under GPL and offered to the Kamailio community. The same tunneling program will also be implemented in Ekiga. Daniel-Constantin Mierla from the Kamailio community visited us 07.05.2009 in Vasa. We also met with Sesca during his visit. A seminar  was held about this the 6:th of October 2009 in Vasa.

We have funded the OpenMeetings community's development of the product, and also contributed by programming Moodle integration, making user manuals and translating the program to swedish and finnish. OpenMeetings is now installed in Vasa and Umeå and is under heavy testing. It can be tested here http://openmeetings.vcoss.fi:5080/openmeetings/ (User: user / Password: user). Sebastian Wagner from OpenMeetings will attend the same conference the 6:th of October in Vasa.

The Open Kvarken project has packed OpenMeetings for Debian installation and this can be downloaded from our server:

32bit: http://build32.vcoss.fi/

and 64bit:  http://build64.vcoss.fi/