Sub Projects

Sub projects of Open Kvarken

The Open Kvarken project started in August 2008 and by October 2008 the staff was hired. According to the project plan there will be about 20 subprojects in three years time. By September 2009 we have accomplished this:



Several seminars in Umeå and Vaasa.



A Startkit for SME:s is available in three languages here.

The startkit is also available installed on handy USB memory sticks.



One of the main objectives of this project is changing attitudes towards the use of Open Source software in the public sector.

We have made handouts regarding Open Source in general and also about Open Source licenses. We have also made handouts about Open Source software that can replace commercial closed source software. You can find these here.


Web Meetings Tools

The web meeting tools are under development and this summer a reference implementation of a Web Applet will be installed at JNT and made available to test and use trough The tunneling capabilities of this installation will be licensed under GPL and offered to the Kamailio community. The same tunneling program will also be implemented in Ekiga. Daniel-Constantin Mierla from the Kamailio community visited us 07.05.2009 in Vasa. We also met with Sesca during his visit. A seminar will be arranged about this the 6:th of October in Vasa.

The Open Kvarken project has changed from DimDim to Openmeetings in order to get some real Open Source commitment. We have funded the OpenMeetings community's development of the product, and also contributed by programming Moodle integration, making user manuals and translating the program to swedish and finnish. OpenMeetings is now installed in Vasa and Umeå and is under heavy testing. It can be tested here (User: user / Password: user). Sebastian Wagner from OpenMeetings will attend the same conference the 6:th of October in Vasa.

Applications for the School Sector

We have recognized the school sector as the most fit for Open Source solutions since they usually have an ecosystem of their own.


We can offer Thin Client solutions to schools in our Kvarken region. The Thin Client solution is based on Ubuntu and can also be installed as Fat Clients. You can find instructions for installing Ubuntu thin clients in English to the right. We have reused 80 old PC:s from Vaasa University of Applied Sciences and given them for free to primary schools in Vörå-Maxo with Edubuntu installed on them. We also have reused two old PCs and use them as an Open Source firewall.


We have installed Xubuntu in an old computer class in Oravais.

Skol Linux:

The municipality of Korsholm offers you "Skol Linux" in Swedish for EeePC:s. You can find more information here.

Mini Laptops + Edubuntu / Skol Linux

The project has bought 16 Aspire One mini laptops and is lending them to schools for a trial period of two weeks.

By using mini laptops and EdUbuntu the price of a computer is 300 €. We have also made images available of the 120 GB HDD of the Aspire One on the Internet with Skol Linux and Edu Ubuntu. The images are also available om 8 GB USB memory. This means restoring a HDD takes 5 minutes from the USB. If schools choose other kinds of Mini laptops we can help with the Skol Linux and Edu Ubuntu installations and images on USB memory. Documentation in Swedish how to create an image of the HDD on USB is available to the right.



New Open Source product: PortableApps preinstalled on a USB memorystick with all necessary Open Source applications ready to use on any Winwos PC.  This product is possible to purcase online for 19,90 €. 

Subprojects in progress

1) An investigation done by Open Source Partners on possibilities and costs with the combination of Open Access and Open Source as a middleware for Open IPTV described at this address: 

2) Exporting the project idea to Sweden.

3) Spreading and translating "Föräldramötet" in Finland. The program has been developed in Sundsvall, Sweden.

4) Giving the municipality of Korsholm a Websurvey based tool for online feedback from parents. Creamarketing will present this solution at our seminars in October and November.

5) We will make three different virtual server platforms targeting three different customer groups: 1. The educational sector, 2. The public sector and 3. Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SME).