Seminar 5

VOIP seminar in Vasa


Open Kvarken & Österbottens Förbund/Pohjanmaan Liitto

Venue: University of Applied Sciences in Vaasa

Wolffintie second floor, festive hall

Tuesday: 06.10.2009, 11:30 - 16:00



11.30-12:00 Registration at the entrance for student lunch

11:45-12:15 Student lunch

12:15 Coffee, second floor in the Festive Hall

12:30 "This is Open Kvarken in Vaasa" Rainer Lytz

13:00 ”An Open Standard IPTV Implementation in Myth" and "Improving FFmpeg for High Definition Video Conferencing"
Robert Swain, University of Warwick, England

13:30 ”The OpenMeetings community” Sebastian Wagner, Germany

14:00 Coffee

14:30 ”The new applet web soft phone from Sesca – an Open Source community" Sesca ISW Ltd, MD Johan Sjöblom

15:00 ”We offer open source based communication tools to 1200 companies registered at”  JNT - Jakobstad Network & Telecom, CTO Kenneth Nylund

15:30 ”The tunneling tools as a subproject at the Kamailio community” Kamailio community, Daniel-Constantin Mierla, Romania

16:00 After seminar refreshments and informal discussions. 

You can download the presentations below:

 Participants: 49 men and 1 voman


Rainer_Lytz_Openkvarken-Vasa-20091006.pdf1.34 MB
Robert_Swain_IPTV-20091005-Presentations.pdf110.21 KB
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Johan Sjöblom Sesca voip applet soft phone.pdf2.22 MB
Kenneth_Nylund_JNT_OpenKvarken_2009.pdf843.76 KB
Daniel-Constantin_Mierla-kamailio_tunneling.pdf908.39 KB