LTSP Workshop 11-12.10.2010

An LTSP workshop was held i Vörå 11-12.10 2010

Key speakers were Elias Aarnio and Asmo Koskinen
We had 20+ participants on both days, representatives from muncipalities and local IT companies.
During the two days we built an LTSP server with localapps.
We tried LDAP authentication and got it working, but didn't have time to set up the homedirectory.
We are aiming for an LTSP cluster, but due to an existing DHCP in the firewall we had to switch to a two network card setup and didn't have time to get it working.
The two servers were installed separetly with a two NIC setup and will be placed in two schools in the region of Vörå.
The hardware in the servers we used:
Phenom X6
12GB 1333mhz RAM
2x 640GB Harddrive
An installation video of how to install Ubuntu LTSP (basic install) with software raid is found below

LTSP-workshop.pdf120.56 KB