Idega Workshop 2

A 2 day IDEGA workshop will be held 15-16 September at Vaasan Ammattikorkeakoulu (Open IT Lab).

Computers for the workshop will be setup by Open Kvarken.
Day 1:

goal: get the grip of day to day coding on the platform

- create new module
- create new component and add it to the page. Use facelets.
- add business logic to it. Use both spring beans and legacy beans.
- use of persistence, transactions.
    - persistence to the relational database. Use both JPA and legacy.
    - slide persistence

- component properties, dynamic, configurable behavior of the component

extra (if we have time):

- navigation between pages
- controlling dynamic state of the component
- add javascript and ajax (dwr)

Day 2:

goal: enterprise use of the platform

- rewind of cases and bpm processes concept
- create simple process using bpm + xforms
- use jsf component as process task view
- permissions handling
- subprocesses, notifications, in process localizations, and other misc.

Please contact if you wish to participate. The workshop is without charge

More information about the IDEGA eGov platform at: IDEGA.

Participation in the workshop is a precondition if you want to offer on open tenders from Open Kvarken.

 Participants: 9 men and 1 woman